Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation - Viva Las Vegas!

Etsy shop it set to Vacation mode for a week.  I'm going to be in vacation mode myself on Wednesday but wanted to close up shop a little early so I didn't get any surprise orders I needed to rush out.  I'll reopen the shop on Monday 9/28.

Where am I going?

Just a quick get-away to Vegas for some R&R.  Going solo but will be meeting up with some people there for fun and frolic - within reason, of course.  I'm not a party girl.  I'm mostly just looking forward to relaxing in my hotel room, maybe at the pool, and simply NOT being at work. 

Yay for vacations!  Viva Las Vegas!


TheNikiProject said...

Just the word 'vacation' sounds fun. Lol. I badly need one too. Have fun and enjoy your time off!

Audrey said...

Hubby and I would love to go to Vegas for some R&R one day. The plan is to drive there, but it's a 2.5 day drive. Hope you have a wonderful time!!
Thanks so much for following my blog - I'm following you back!