Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shepherd's Hook Bookmarks

Today I am making a whole bunch of bookmarks.  Some may go in my shop and some may just wait in my inventory for the Holiday craft shows.  I have enough bookmarks and enough holy medals to make 16 different pieces.

I love the way these bookmarks hook over the side of my books letting the beads & medals dangle down.  I love the pretty jingle noise they make when the beads and the medals clink together.  And the idea of them being a "Shepherd's Hook" is beautiful imagery in just the words themselves. 

I really like making these pieces and they have proved very popular in sales.  I have had several custom orders for multiple bookmarks with specific Saints.  I can't always find all the Holy Medals requested but I do try. 

Visit the Bookmarks/Magnets section of my shop to see the other bookmarks I have to offer.

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Bead Up said...

I just started making this too - very cool :)