Saturday, September 5, 2009

Better late than never!

9 months after opening this blog I finally get around to updating this "baby"!

A fellow EtsyRain member, Designs by Victoria, posted how she is doing a "30 Days Has September" challenge for herself to update her blog every day this month with new items. Inspired by that I hope to be a better blogger myself. I don't know that I have the fortitude to challenge myself to a full 30 days right now, so I am going to set myself a goal of at least two posts every week.

I'm actually quite embarrassed it has taken me this long to get started. I blame Twitter! LOL! I have been having so much fun on Twitter meeting new people who are so talented and wonderful in so many different ways. I want this blog to continue to reach out and meet more people and share my love of God and Handmade crafts with the world.

So for now I ask of you, my new readers, please follow this blog and please follow Prayers4Theresa on Twitter. I'd love to learn all the tips and tricks you know on how to be a better blogger. With your help I hope to make this a great meeting place for all who come here.

Peace be with you all,

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Shore Debris said...

Twice per week is definitely a good goal! (It's mine, too!)

There is beautiful stuff in your shop.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend :)
~Vicky, Shore Debris