Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crossing fingers...again

So, I pretty much went crazy and applied for a SECOND big craft show.  Am I insane??  LOL!

I've been wanting to be a part of an Urban Craft Uprising show ever since I started my Etsy shop.  They do two HUGE shows a year - Summer and Winter - and I always enjoy going to the shows but have been too sacred to apply.  They have huge exposure in the Seattle community with sponsors and advertising all over the place, including Craft: magazine.  People line up over an hour before the doors open to get a Swag bag (I know I did!).  Last Winter alone they had over 8000 buyers in the door over the course of the 2 day event.  This is a HUGE deal.

Since I already got the nerve to apply for the other Big Show, I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring for Big Show #2.  This one would come 2 weeks after the first.

Either I get in to one, or I get into the other, or I get in to both, or I get in to neither of them.  There's a 25% chance for anything.  Might as well, go for it, right?  Right!

I'm trying very hard to be confident but I am honestly very, very nervous!

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Silver said...

Breathe deeply.. that works for me..hope it does for you too ;)

Interesting crosses and bead work you have here. Very pretty.