Monday, November 2, 2009

Craft Show Dress Rehersal - Display practice.

I've been neglecting the blog (sorry!) but that doesn't mean I've been sitting around on my duff. Ok, maybe a little of duff-sitting...but I've actually been pretty darn busy with the craftyness!  Been making lots and lots of inventory and finally got a table for my booth. 

Browsing through the Flickr Groups Show Me Your Booths and Arts & Craft Fairs I realized I need to figure out how I am going to display all this inventory!  So yesterday I moved some stuff around in my living room, put out my tables, and did a craft show dress rehersal!

Over the last month I have been picking up some display pieces here and there but hadn't decided how to arrange everything on my tables.  This was a great opportunity to see what worked for my needs and what didn't work. 

I don't have any pictures of yeserday's display practice for you but I can give you some hints on where I got some GREAT display pieces and fantastic prices.

My first stop was a great Etsy seller NotableNotions!  Top quality display supplies and excellent customer service.  She had just what I needed for prices that are an absolute steal!  These upright stands are my best investment! I'll be using them to showcase my rosaries by draping them over the top using the scalloped edge and letting them dangle down.  They also have earring holes if you are an earring seller.  I also coudn't do without these wire bars. They are the perfect size for my bracelets, cellphone charms, and anything else that dangles.  I can't say enough good stuff about NotableNotions and highly recommend them for your professional display needs!

I'm luck enough to have a Diaso Japan store in a local mall near my home.  It's kind of like a Japanese Dollar Store, except most items are $1.50.  I got some of these wire blocks which link together and some small hooks to hang items from - the oens I have are actually tall rectangles.  This allows items to up off the table and easy to see.  Especially helpful for my car mirror rosaries.  Daiso also had some great little clear acrylic boxes to use as small risers.  If I had a local Dollar Store I certainly would have gone there too because there is bound to be some fantastic (and cheap!) stuff a crafty person could use for their display tables. 

After my little practice session I now know what works and what doesn't work.  I know I'm going to feel a lot more relaxed having taken the time to do this dress rehersal in advance instead of wait until the morning of the event in a state of panic.  I also now have a couple weeks to pick up the last little touches and keep making inventory.  

I may actually do another dress rehersal at home again just to get everything finalized.  I'll most certainly post pictures of the final set-up. 

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