Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go International

I'm taking the plunge to ship Internationally again.  I stopped shipping outside of the U.S. earlier in the year for two main reasons - 1) I was worried about not being able to track packages/having lost items and 2) I'm too lazy to go to the post office multiple times a week when I can click and ship Domestic orders through PayPal.

The worry about the lost packages isn't really gone, but I have been lucky enough not to have it happen yet.  I've shipped to the UK, Australia, and even Singapore before without trouble.  Why worry about something that may never occur?  I'll cross that bridge when, and if, I come to it.

And thanks to a fantastic post in the Etsy Forums, I have learned I can now click and print authorized Customs labels for International shipments and not have to go to the post office! 

Using the USPS Shipping Assistant I can print those pesky Customs forms and just adhear the correct amount in postage to the package (to be clear, we're talking stamps, not PayPal labels).  Anything under 13oz. can be dropped in a blue Mailbox or given to your Mail Carrier without needing to go to the post office.  I already have a postage scale so I can accurately price my shipments using the Postage Calculator.  The only reason I'll need to go to the post office is to buy some assorted stamps (75¢, 41¢, 26¢, 4¢, 3¢, 2¢ and 1¢). 

I've revised my listings with what I think are appropriate International shipping costs for the weight and materials needed to ship my items.  I'll post again in December or January and let you know how this new shipping method is working for me.


T @ Poppy Place said...

Hey Theresa, how's it going?

It is hit and miss mailing abroad, some countries are easier than others. I find it frustrating when the Postal workers in England are always threatening to go on strike.

Hope it all works well for you and wishing many sales over the holiday season :)

Regards, T.

MAB Jewelry said...

I haven't had a problem yet, knock wood, although I do have an order I shipped hung up in the UK postal strikes right now, as well as something I ordered hung up coming the other way.

Prayers4Theresa said...

Uh oh - UK Postal Strike?? I was not aware of this...