Friday, November 13, 2009

Update to previous post

I just wanted to add a little extra to my post from yesterday about "Why I'll never be an Etsy Featured Seller." I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers about the One-of-a-Kind vs. Sell/Relisted comparison I was making.

It was not my intent to insult anyone who is lucky enough to have a craft that allows them to sell multiple quantities of the same item. I am honestly a tad jealous of you who do because it means less time taking photographs and editing them, less time writing and re-writing Etsy listings, and probably a larger profit because you buy supplies in bulk and at wholesale prices.

And I am not saying that my items, primarily being OOAK, are any better than yours for the simple fact that they can't be duplicated. I know that each and every person who creates something handmade works very hard to do so. I do not doubt that you work equally as hard as I do, if not more because you sell more and list more than I do. One of my idols in the handmade crafting world recently shared with me that she got an order for over 600 handmade silver rings which she wholesales to a jewelry mail-order catalog. She is a much busier and harder working woman than myself with my weird little beads in mismatched sets. I admire her and envy her all at the same time.

So again, I apologize if anyone felt I was boasting about my OOAK items. The post was meant to illustrate how I could never be an Etsy Featured Seller and that my OOAK items are a major hindrance to that goal. I did not intend to insult anyone.

Peace be with you all,

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