Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Craft show banner

Since I've booked these upcoming craft shows I have been looking for a banner for my table.  I am not crafty in the sewing arts so I didn't feel abitious enough to make something from fabric.  But I am crafty at hunting down a good deal - I found that deal at Vistaprint!

Vistaprint has recently started making large vinyl banners and the price can't be beat!  And the fact that YOU customize your banner to look exactly the way you want it to is fantastic.  I got myself a "small" 3'x1.6' banner with my own photography and hanger-tabs for less than $15 - including shipping!!  I think it turned out fantastic (if I can brag...)

Looks even better in person (if I may continue to brag...)  It was printed and delivered to my door in about 10 days.  I absolutely love it.  I can't wait to see it proudly displayed on my craft show booth.  But for now it is proudly photographed on my living room floor.  LOL

There are different schools of thought about Vistaprint.  Some people (like me) love them and some people don't.  I've been ordering business cards from them for many, many years and have never been disapointed.  They do have a tendancy to go overboard on the emails - spamming me at least once a day about a sale.  Every day is a sale at Vistaprint so I just ignore the emails and order when I need to order.  I love that I have a fantastic craft show banner, glossy postcards, and business cards all with the same brand recognizability.  My rosary. My photograph. And now my banner, postcards, and more. 


SleightGirl said...

I've heard good things about vista print. Your banner looks great!

Shore Debris said...

That's a great banner! Mine is from them too, although I chose one of their standard designs.

For me, I think you can' beat the price at Vistaprint (and ignore the daily e-mails, too). I recently got 2 car magnets, the banner, business cards, and 15 gift certificates for < $20 (although I had to wait like a month or shipping) - I don't even think I could buy just the Avery do-it-yourself business cards for that price.

I wish you well at your upcoming shows!

(Sorry so lengthy a comment.)