Monday, November 16, 2009


I've resisted this long enough, I guess.  I finally set up a Facebook Fan Page for my shop.

I don't use Facebook on a regular basis.  I find the website extremely difficult to navigate and irksome.  having people from my past pop up and find me kinda of freaks me out too.  But all the cool kids are creating Fan Pages so I should too, right?  I don't even know if I did it correctly (again, the site is a chore to make sense of!) but my items show up under the "My Stuff" tab so that's as good as it is going to get.  I don't know if I'll add any more pics or deal with it really.  My true loves are this blog, Twitter, and the handmade forums I read.  I don't really want to add another project to my plate, but I figured I'd at least create the Facebook page and get it over with.

LOL - can you tell how excited I am about this? 

So "Fan" me or "Friend" me or whatever on Facebook if you want to.  Just know I am not going to be very active over there. 


HaveFaithBelieve said...

I don't have a facebook account but I'm debating on the twitter thing. I just don't want to have to worry about keeping up with something else.

Good luck.

MissButler said...

Your post made me laugh. I don't like Facebook for the same reasons but I everyone says an Etsy shop needs a fan page, etc. etc. so I made a page which I just ignore. Maybe someday I'll get into it.

TheNikiProject said...

Fanned you!