Friday, November 6, 2009

Promo bags and postcards

2 more weeks until my BIG craft show!  You know I have been prepping like crazy!  Last night I completely finished the shopping bags I have for my customers.  (I apologize for the dark picture - darn cameraphone.)

I started with a couple boxes of business cards and stuck labels on the back of each card with a promo code for shopping at my Etsy shop.  Using the promo code in the "Message to Seller" part of checkout process the customer will get 10% off the order and free shipping.  Not a bad deal, I'd say! 

These business cards are attatched to the 100 swag buttons that will be given away for the first 50 people who come to the show each day.  The business cards sitting out on my table will also have the promo stickers.  And each shopping bag for a customer who purchases from me will get a card with promo sticker already stuffed inside the bag.  So potentially, early customers who get a swag bag, grab a card off my table, and buy something from me will walk away with 3 of my business cards.  Maybe that's overkill, but I don't think it hurts.  LOL

The little paper bags I got for the shoppers was easily printed on using my inkjet printer at home.  I ran each one through and printed my shop information on them including website.  Brand recognition is everything, right?  I was originally thinking of getting a custom-stamp made but pricing it out I realized it would cost just as much to replace my ink cartridge as it would to get a big stamp made for me.  I think they turned out really well.   

Last, but not least, I added a little slip of paper into each of the bags letting customers know that I have two more local craft shows coming up and where to find me.  I included the dates, addresses, and times of the events.  On the paper I noted that if they come visit me at these other shows I'll give them a free gift!

Having the pre-stuffed shopping bags is going to be very helpful.  Hopefully all the promo inside and on the bags themselves will lead to a few online sales and maybe a visit or two at my next shows for some last-minute purchases. 

In addition to the promo shopping bags I will also have a small stack of promo postcards I had specially made.  These full-color postcards contain images of my own items and all my contact information.  Email, website, Twitter, and Blog.  I am not going to hand these out to the public willy nilly, but there have been times in the past when someone shows particular interest saying things like "These would be perfect at our church bookstore!" I'll whip out one of these impressive cards just for them (and maybe give them a "sample" rosary) in the hopes that they will contact me after the show for future business.  The post cards are so large and colorful they will be less likely to lose than a little business card in the bottom of a purse or stuffed in a wallet. 

With the exception of buying a second table cloth (or bedsheet!), I am just about done with all my craft show prep.  Most items are made and price tagged.  I've done a test display.  I may do a second test display this weekend.  I really feel well prepared.  Hopefully that sense of preparadness doesn't go flying out the window on the big day.  Trying not to jinx myself by being too optimistic!  LOL


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TheNikiProject said...

Wow, sounds like you're really prepared! Hopefully it will all run smoothly and you'll make lots of sales!