Thursday, December 17, 2009

Name those Saints! Get a discount!

A long time ago I acquired some digital prints of old prayer cards. The idea was to make some glass "marble" magnets using the prints.  The art was small in size and had no names or identification for the Saints featured.  Using my own research I was able to ID some of them, but some of them are still nameless to me.  I hesitated for a long time about posting the magnets for sale because I didn't know who they are. 

Someone out there has got to know who they are - and for that knowledge, you will be rewarded!  If you can name the mystery saints you can get the magnet sets at a discounted price!  $2 off for each Mystery Saint you name! Sets 1 and 2 have one Mystery Saint each. Set 3 has three Mystery Saints! That would be $6 off the price if you got all three!

Check out the sets. Send me a Convo via Etsy if you can identify one or more of the Mystery Saints and you will be elligable for the discounts.  You will need to include a picture or a URL to a picture to prove your claim. If they are a reasonable match I will discount the items just for you!

Set 1: Can you name the pretty little nun with the lamp?  Get $2 off this set if you can identify her!  See picture below. Larger pictures at the website.   Set 1 has been claimed by my Etsy pal SpoolofPlenty! She identified St. Claire of Assis as the Mystery Saint and gets the discount!  Congratulations!
(She's also working hard to find the other Saints too...can you beat her? )

Set 2: Who is that young man kneeling in prayer?  Get $2 off this set if you can identify him!  See picture below. Larger pictures at the website.

Set 3: This is the big one!  WHO ARE THESE SAINTLY PEOPLE???  You will get $2 off the set for each of the three Saints you can identify. If you can get all three you will get $6 off, making the price of the magnet set only $2 (plus shipping)!!!  So who are they?  See picture below. Larger pictures at the website. 

Set 3 has been claimed by SpoolofPlenty! She identified St. Monica, St. Stephen, and St. Maria Goretti! Congratulations! She gets this set for only $2!!!

(She's also working hard to find the last fella in set #2...can you beat her? )

I hope you folks have fun with this.  I am going to be thrilled to learn more about these Mystery Saints and very glad to give these magnets a loving home.


SoSaje said...

What a fun post, and a great contest!! Sorry I can't ID any of the saints, but I'll be watching to see who does. :-)

pattyme83 said...

Hello! I just stumbled upon this as I was looking through the Etsy Rosary Guild blogs. I think that the kneeling boy saint may be St. Aloyius of Gonzaga or possibly St. Tarcisius???