Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Craft Show Success - Accept Credit Cards!

One of the reasons my recent craft shows were such a huge success is that I have started accepting credit cards.  I had 16 sales through credit cards the other weekend alone. 

That's 16 customers who may have otherwise walked away from my booth. And in most cases my credit card customers purchased multiple items! They may have only had enough cash for a $5 item, but since they were using their card they scanned my table for more goodies to add.  My lowest credit card transaction was for $12.  My highest was for $65.

I'm starting by using ProPay. I researched a bit with my local credit unions/banks and found Propay's annual fee and per/transaction fees to be reasonable. You can find out a lot of information about the service on the Etsy forums. One of the best hints is that they offer a discount to Etsy sellers!  You get a Premium Plus account for the price of a basic account.  To acccess the Etsy discount, use this link:

Like most Etsy sellers using Propay, I got my "knucklebuster" from an Ebay salesman named Mr. Imprinter. I got a bundle that looks a lot like this picture. The imprinter is small and lightweight. It came with 100 slips. And they custom made a plate with my name, email address, website, and more info.  All items arrived in less than a week's shipping time.  I printed out my own "I accept Credit Cards" display for my table which included the CC logos in bright colors to catch customer's eyes.

Like with all things, please do your own research to find out what is best for you and for your store.  Talk to your local banks and credit unions. Some may provide a knuckbuster and slips to you. Some may charge monthly fees or rental fees for the equipment. Some may have higher/lower transaction fees. 

I also reserve the right to change my service and sing the praises of another credit card processer at a later date.  But I know one thing for certain...Accepting credit cards ROCKS! It's easy and not scary at all. I'll never go back to cash/checks only.

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TheNikiProject said...

I think that accepting cards can definitely make or break some sales. A lot of people don't carry much cash these days, I know I don't unless I know I'll be needing it. But that's awesome to hear that it was rather simple and not scary!