Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodbye Magnets - Hello Toggles

I'm sorry to announce I have decided to stop offering the magnetic clasps for my rosary bracelets in my shop.  Over the next few weeks I will be modifying the bracelets in my shop to have a toggle clasp only.

After two years of using different styles of magnetic clasps I have yet to find a specific style of that I am completely happy with. I have also had some customer complaints that some are too weak and come apart easily and some are too strong and stick to the metal findings in the bracelet.

I strive to make high-quality handmade items and send out only the very best to my customers.  I cannot, in good conciousness, keep sending out bracelets and hoping that they are just "OK".  When you get an email on Christmas day that someone's gift was unsatisfactory it breaks your heart.

The toggle clasps are easy to use and feel comfortable to wear as they weigh considerably less than the magnetic clasps. I find them visually pleasing and hope that my customers do as well.

I will keep a few extra magnetic clasps on hand for a couple specific customers who have requested them, but when my inventory goes down I will not be reordering more. These customers have been notified.

Today I will be removing the bracelets in my shop that have the magnetic clasps. I will soon change over to the toggle clasps and relist them when I can get new photographs prepared. I do have some new bracelets that are already made with toggles I can list soon. 

I hope this change will not be upsetting to my customers and that they understand that I am doing this in their best interest. I know I cannot please everybody all of the time but I am doing what I think is right by them and doing what's right for me.


glassidentities said...

Sorry you have had some problems...your bracelets are so beautiful.. and I do think the toggles will look wonderful on them.... there are so many different styles of toggles too.. I love them :)

MAB Jewelry said...

Some people really like magnetic clasps, but I've never been crazy about them either. Most of them aren't very pretty, and they can pull the charge out of a watch battery too.
I love toggles. I'm on your side!